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History in the making, thirds first league game.
By Sean Perry

April 7th, 2001
Third team
Aodh Ruadh.......2-6
Naomh Columba....0-14

In spite of gallant efforts from 41 year old Gerard McGloin and his older brother Declan, Aodh Ruadh's third team suffered a narrow defeat to Glen in their historic first ever league match. Jim Kane's charges led by 6 points in the second half but Glen, ably aided by the referee, a force 9 gale, half the parish and a sheep which blocked a certain second half goal, held out for victory.

Barry Travers was poor enough at centrefield, "Bernard" simply didn't want to know. This left his senior citizen colleague, Gerry McGloin with a sight of work to do and he looked quite eager and mobile on his zimmerframe.

Aodh Ruadh trailed by 4 points after 10 minutes, some quick wee hoor in the Glen attack doing a sight of damage on the embarrasingly slow Kevin Loughlin. Colman Kerr looked quite drunk at centre forward whilst Gerry McManus was as isolated as Robinson Crusoe at centreback. James Grimes showed why clubs in Boston are crying out for him this Summer, apparently he is a magnificent water-carrier.

Sean Perry, playing his first game for the club since an u-16 county final against St Eunans was outstanding for the Ernesiders. The 7 odd years in the football wilderness seemed to have served him well as he tormented the Glen defence with slick passing and lightning pace kicking 7 wonderful points from play.

Martin Crawford and Seamus Kane were quite literally in a league of their own at right and left half forward. This seemed to be a different league to everybody else which involved passing to nobody else, crying at the ref and falling over at every opportunity! The second half almost seen an undertaker arrive for Gerard McGloin, Jim Kane forced to withdraw his prize antique who was replaced by the pacy Kieran Barron. A second goal from the golfer, Declan McGloin put Aodh Ruadh into a seemingly insurmountable lead, but surmounted it was. Some boy with a huge kick on him at centrefield for Glen scored a sight of points and brought Glen right back into the match.

Colman Kerr, Kane and Perry hit late points for Aodh Ruadh as Freddie Grimes, Kerr and Seamus collected yellow cards.

In spite of an almighty row with the referee at the end, he wouldn't change the score and Aodh Ruadh had to return to the winding banks of Erne with their tale between their legs. They proceeded to go on the session with the rugby boys who won some auld cup in Belfast and thought it was the Six nations. What occured later on that evening is best left forgotten, isn't that right boys??

Aodh Ruadh team and ratings:
Carl O'Brien, 7, Kevin Loughlin 1.5, John Coyle 6, Padraig Barron 7, Ronan Matthews 4, Gerry McManus 7, can't remember number 7(he must have been good), Barry Travers 0.5, Gerry McGloin 3 and a free bus pass, Seamus Kane 5, Colman Kerr 7, Martin Crawford 0, James Grimes 6, Declan McGloin 8, Sean Perry 10. Subs Kieran Barron and some other young buck, no ratings available.